Lucir Store Healing Chakra Crystal Candles Set with a Surprise Chakra Crystal Wand | Set of 7 x Scented Candles with Crystals, Surprise Crystal Wand | E-Book Included



LUXURIOUS CRYSTAL CANDLES SET: A set of 7 Scented Soy Candles with Chakra Crystals inside. Each Candle, Scent and Healing Stones are carefully selected to target and promote physical, spiritual and emotional cleansing. Package also includes a surprise crystal wand targeting one of the seven chakras. All in a giftable box. E-Book included. MANIFEST GOODNESS TO YOUR LIFE - Set your intentions and attract wellness, abundance and love to your life. Along with the Scented Candles with Crystal Healing Stones, the set includes a surprise crystal wand targeted to one of the 7 chakras. NATURAL INGREDIENTS - All candles are made of 100% Soy Wax with 7% Scented Aroma Oil. Burning time for each candle is up to 20 hours for long practice and focused energy. PERFECT GIFT - The set is perfectly packaged to serve as a gift to your loved ones. It can be used for decoration or for spiritual souls or even for people who are completely new to Crystal healing. The set includes an e-book to dive you in the benefits of each crystal and how to make the best use out of the product. SEVEN SCENTS WITH SEVEN CRYSTALS - Crown - Summer Breeze Scent with Amethyst. Third Eye - Lavender Scent with Sapphire. Throat - Wood Sage & Sea Salt with Blue Howlite. Heart - Ginger Lily Scent with Rose Quartz. Solar Plexus - Rosemary Scent with Citrine. Sacral Amber & Vanilla Scent with Tiger Eye. Root - Cedarwood with Black Obsidian. unit count: 1.0 › See more product details


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