Devanshi Drops Swarna Prashana Drops with Gold Ash | Swarna Prashan | Suvarnaprashan Drop for Children Ayurvedic Immunity Booster for Kids (15 Ml)



Drops Swarna bindu prashana increases immunity power and develops resistance against common infections, thus prevents children from falling ill very often. Suvarnaprashan drops Improves physical strength & stamina in the children. Svarnaprashan for children Dosage: Infants to 1 years – 1 drop every day | 1 to 5 years – 2 drops every day | 6 to 10 years – 3 drops every day | 11 to 16 years - 4d drops everyday. Do not have food at least for 30 minutes after consumption of swarnaprashan. Take swarna prashana on an empty stomach preferably in the morning


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